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These resources are intended only for clinicians and healthcare professionals caring for Sutter patients. Please do not share the link to this page outside of our Sutter network of care.   

This site provides clinicians with OpenNotes and Results Release resources. To help guide you, we are posting new information as it becomes available

Sutter Health went live on OpenNotes and Results Release on Oct. 29. Nationally, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) extended the compliance dates to April 2021 to allow organizations more time in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Sutter is well positioned and eager to embrace greater transparency and information access for our patients, so we moved forward as planned. Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions:
(Updated 12/15/20) Frequently Asked Questions


(Updated 11/18/2020) Telephone Encounters & Modifications for Teen Patients
Encounter Types Showing in MHO
(10/30/2020) Day 1 Update on OpenNotes and Results Release
(10/29/2020) Sutter Goes Live on OpenNotes and Results Release
Triage Clinician to Clinician Column: OpenNotes Movement
(10/6/2020) KDS – OpenNotes – Results Release for Healthcare Staff
(9/25/2020) Message to Clinicians on OpenNotes and Results Release
(10/12/2020) Important Update on Release of Historical Notes
(Updated 11/20/20) Presentation Slide Deck – PDF
Information Blocking Exceptions
(Updated 10/22/20) Notes to be Released on Oct. 29
MHO Teen Enrollment and Access to Features
Healthcare Risk – Affiliate Contact Information

EHR Tip Sheets:

Tip: (10/23/20) KDS: Tips to Release & Unrelease Results
Tip: (Updated 10/12/20) KDS: Note Sharing Button and Epic SmartPhrase Available Oct. 1
Tip: (10/12/20) Share Note Button for OpenNotes and Results Release
Tip: How to Block a Note from Being Viewable on MHO
Tip: Message to Clinicians on OpenNotes Special System Notice
Tip: System Notice for OpenNotes and Results Release

Behavioral Health Resources:

Unable to Use Copy/Forward Functionality for BH Notes Written Prior to Oct. 29
OpenNotes Mental Health Toolkit
OpenNotes & Mental Health Videos
Common Concerns about Sharing Mental Health Notes

Communicating with Patients:

(Updated 10/26/20) Frequently Asked Questions for Patients
Tips for Nurses in Writing Notes
Health Literacy Writing Tips for Clinicians
Health Literacy-Writing for Understanding
Open Notes TipSheet for Hospitalists
My Health Online Impacted Features
MHO Patient Enrollment Handout

Articles, Other Resources:

Restoring the Story and Creating a Valuable Clinical Note
Medscape OpenNotes


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