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Sutter Outpatient Surgery Centers Win All Five California Women’s Choice Awards

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The five ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) to earn a 2019 Women’s Choice Award for Best ASC in California are all Sutter Health ASCs:

  • PAMF Surgery Center, San Carlos
  • Sutter Santa Rosa Surgery & Endoscopy Center
  • Stockton Surgery Center
  • Sutter Medical Foundation Surgery & Endoscopy Center (Yuba City)
  • Sutter Elk Grove Surgery Center

“Considering that women make about 80 percent of all healthcare decisions for themselves and their families, this recognition represents a strong and important achievement,” said Sutter Surgery Center Division CEO Terry Glubka. “Congratulations on a job well done!”

About the Women’s Choice Award

The Women’s Choice Award surveys women across the country to gain insight about their most trusted businesses, brands and services. Women’s Choice Award used the most recently publicly available information from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, as well as accreditation information, to select America’s Best Ambulatory Surgical Centers. It also distributed surveys to women to determine which patient satisfaction measures are most important to them.

About Sutter Health’s Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Sutter Health’s network of ASCs provide patients throughout California a safe and convenient option for many procedures, including pain and spine surgery, hernia repair, cataract surgery, and arthroscopic surgery on the knee, shoulder, ankle and wrist. For more information, please visit sutterhealth.org/surgery-center-division.

Sutter Health Supports Expanded Access to Telehealth in California Legislature

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Sutter Lakeside Chief Administrative Officer Dan Peterson was in California’s capitol voicing support for Assembly Bill 744, critical legislation that improves access to care through telehealth.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–Sutter Lakeside Hospital Chief Administrative Officer Dan Peterson testified in Sacramento yesterday in support of California state Assembly Bill 744, by Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry, which Sutter Health believes is a critical step toward improving access to quality health care across California by ensuring that healthcare providers are adequately reimbursed for telehealth services.

Sutter Health is driven to continually transform health care – focusing on how, when and where consumers want and need health care services.  One way we are meeting patient needs is through the deployment of advanced telemedicine technology. Through the use of telemedicine we can bring high quality, around-the-clock care to patients who would not otherwise have access to specialists and specialty care.  We believe this is especially important for California’s rural communities.

At Sutter Health, we witnessed this firsthand when Lake County was devastated by a massive wild fire which left Sutter Lakeside Hospital – one of the only remaining health care providers in the county – closed for 14 days. Through Sutter’s integrated network we were able to remotely deploy physicians from parts of our network not impacted by the fires to digitally treat patients of the Lake County community – but we did so without knowing  if these providers would be reimbursed for their services.

Although current California law recognizes the practice of telehealth as a legitimate means for an individual to receive health care services, the language is insufficient to ensure that services are actually reimbursed.  As a result, health insurers may deny coverage to patients looking to benefit from telehealth services, patients are not assured that their insurance will provide coverage, and providers are unable to develop a sustainable telehealth program for the entire patient population.  AB 744 removes these barriers and will require health insurers to include coverage and reimbursement for services provided to a patient through telehealth.

Your Gifts Help Us Bring the Emergency Department to the Patient

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Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. and the leading cause of adult disability, affecting 800,000 people a year. Time is critical for people who experience a stroke—every minute saves 2 million brain cells.


Every minute counts when treating a patient who has had a stroke. Donor support for the Mobile Stroke Unit gives us the tools to help ensure that patients in our community not only survive, but also avoid the debilitating effects of a stroke. Through a research trial this project will also help to inform best practices in stroke treatment nationwide —impacting the care of thousands.

The Mills-Peninsula Hospital Foundation has launched a $2.4 million fundraising campaign to underwrite the cost of operating the Unit for the first 2 years, while a randomized controlled trial is conducted to gauge the effectiveness of the program compared to conventional care.

Invest in the Mobile Stroke Unit.

Preliminary studies have indicated that a Mobile Stroke Unit can reduce the time from ambulance dispatch to treatment to as little as 11 minutes. Sutter Health affiliated Mills-Peninsula Medical Center is the only hospital in Northern California and one of only two hospitals in the state to have a Mobile Stroke Unit.

Unused Building Gets Medical Makeover in West Roseville

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The new Sutter Medical Foundation care center is converted from a building originally intended as a CVS retail store, but never opened.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. – A West Roseville building originally constructed about 10 years ago to be a CVS retail location has been converted by Sutter Medical Foundation into a 17,000-square-foot modern health-care center housing primary-care physicians and associated services.

The new Sutter Medical Foundation West Roseville Care Center at 2050 Blue Oaks Blvd., which opened this week, brings convenient primary care patient services to children, adults and families to the growing community of West Roseville.

“This care center aligns perfectly with Sutter Medical Foundation’s vision to provide health care with the highest levels of quality, access and affordability,” said Sutter Valley Medical Foundation President Theresa Frei. “We are extremely happy to have converted this building into our first care center in West Roseville.”

The existing building was erected a decade ago but was never opened as a retail space. Sutter Medical Foundation saw the building’s potential as a medical office building and was able to repurpose and convert it into a beautiful, functional medical facility that will serve thousands of local residents in the growing area of West Roseville.

The conversion to a medical office building is a gorgeous addition to the West Roseville community.

“The project was the culmination of the hard work and coordination of many people from our Sutter Medical Foundation and Sutter Medical Group teams, city planners and business partners in the community,” said Sergio Vincenti, Regional Administrative Director for SMF’s Foothill Region. “Utilizing this existing building to bring health care to this area of Roseville is a win for everyone involved.”

The result of the coordinated discussions and planning efforts is a care center with 17,000 square feet of exam rooms, a lab draw station, and ample parking for patients.

“Having practiced in Roseville for the last four-and-a-half years, I’ve taken care of many patients from the West Roseville area,” said Dr. Craig Corp, a Sutter Medical Group pediatrician who previously practiced at SMF’s 3100 Douglas Blvd. location, nine miles southeast of the new care center. “When I heard that we had an opportunity to move to this location, I jumped at the chance. It gives my patients in this community an option to see me in their own neighborhood. Local care is important to a community, and we are thrilled to be here.”

Dr. Corp is one of the physicians who has moved into the new facility. Here are the Sutter Medical Group clinicians who will see patients in the new care center:

  • Pediatrics: Craig C. Corp, M.D., David Grattendick, M.D., Sarah E. Henshaw, D.O., and Patricia Gurney, N.P.
  • Family Medicine: Barbara Spinelli, M.D., Mark Lam, M.D., and Kathy Lauchaire, P.A.
  • Internal Medicine: Nelson Raitt, M.D. and Lakhvir Kaur, M.D.

The new Sutter Medical Foundation medical office building, which is next to the Fiddyment Farm housing development and just down the street from Sun City, currently has a staff of 28, with 19 of them being newly hired for the opening of the care center. In the near future, Sutter Medical Foundation has plans to add dermatology, an internal medicine advanced practice clinician and another family medicine physician.

“We are so excited to be able to provide care here,” said Susana DeVirgen, Sutter Medical Foundation’s site supervisor for the new care center. “We look forward to providing comprehensive primary care services for our patients at this location for years to come.”

Preemie Procession: Our Smallest Patients Make the Big Move

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 SAN FRANCISCO – The hospital halls are teeming with sound, from footsteps and carts, to conversations and overhead announcements. All that noise is just outside, but inside their private room at Sutter’s California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) Van Ness Campus the Wong Dizon family are enjoying quiet time with their daughter, Mayari.

Residents of Daly City, the Wong Dizons had originally planned to deliver at the Van Ness Campus in April, but daughter Mayari came two months early, making her among the last to be born at the California Campus and the first baby to receive care at the Van Ness Campus. “It’s cool to have the California Campus experience and now the Van Ness Campus experience,” said first-time mom Amanda Wong. “This is a beautiful new hospital, and it’s neat that our baby’s first car ride was from one hospital to another.”

The CPMC California Campus has been the birthplace for San Francisco families since 1875 and Mayari was born there in the middle of February 2019. For the past two weeks Mayari remained in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and today she was transferred to the CPMC Van Ness Campus where she will continue to gain weight and grow until she is healthy enough to go home. The team of experienced doctors and nurses also made the move, bringing their skills to the new Van Ness Campus, which replaces the California Campus.

The NICU at Van Ness Campus has 35 individual rooms – allowing parents to have private time with their baby and even spend the night. “We’ve learned so much about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, particularly with premature babies, and in private rooms this type of bonding becomes much more possible,” said Yuan-Da Fan, M.D., chairman of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Sutter’s CPMC.


Racing Against Time, Mobile Stroke Unit Treats First Stroke Patient

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The Sutter Health Mobile Stroke Unit team got the call they had been preparing for and raced into action.

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