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Sutter Hospital Campuses Earn Five-Star Rating from CMS

Posted on Mar 7, 2019 in Scroll Images

Ratings designed to help patients and consumers make informed choices about their care

SACRAMENTO, Calif.– Four hospitals within the Sutter Health network have earned five stars—the highest ranking possible—as part of The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Quality Star Rating for January 2019:

  • Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Summit campus in Oakland
  • Mills-Peninsula Medical Center in Burlingame
  • Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center of Santa Cruz
  • Sutter Roseville Medical Center east of Sacramento.

Only 7.87 percent of the 3,725 hospitals evaluated across the nation received a five-star rating.

“At Sutter Health, we are always focused on innovation and continued improvement. It’s our commitment to our patients, their families and the communities we serve,” said Stephen Lockhart, M.D., Ph.D., chief medical officer for Sutter Health. “Overall, we set high standards for our patients’ experience and our quality measures. Through this quality-focused lens, physicians and care teams are able to implement best practices and provide patients with high-value, quality care. This is part of the value that an integrated health system like Sutter Health offers communities.”

Consistent with other star rating programs, the methodology assigns each hospital between one and five stars, reflecting a hospital’s overall performance based on selected quality measures, including readmission rates, mortality, safety of care, effectiveness of care and patient experience. The primary objective of the star ratings program is to summarize information in a way that is useful and easy to interpret for patients and consumers.

Eighty-six percent of Sutter Health hospital campuses ranked with ratings of five, four or three stars—with an average of 3.64 stars across the not-for-profit network. The national average for all hospitals ranked is three stars. Four-star Sutter Health hospitals include:

  • California Pacific Medical Center, Pacific campus
  • Memorial Hospital Los Banos
  • Sutter Amador Hospital
  • Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital
  • Sutter Davis Hospital
  • Sutter Lakeside Hospital in Lakeport, Calif.
  • Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento
  • Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital
  • Sutter Tracy Community Hospital

For more information on the ratings or methodology, please visit Hospital Compare. Additional quality measure information is also available via the Sutter Health All Hospital Quality Results dashboard.

Sutter Health Announces Stable 2018 Financial Performance

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SACRAMENTO, Calif.–Integrated healthcare delivery system Sutter Health has announced its financial performance for 2018. Sutter Health’s combined 2018 income was $201 million, which reflects the day-to-day operations of its hospitals, physician based care centers and a variety of other healthcare services, compared to $326 million in 2017. The system’s total 2018 operating revenues of $13 billion increased slightly from 2017’s operating revenues. Sutter Health posted $(267) million in investment income and changes in net unrealized gains and losses from investments classified as trading in 2018, compared to $651 million the prior year. Income attributable to Sutter Health for 2018 was $(198) million, compared to $893 million in 2017.

Community-Based Investments to Improve Access to Healthcare

The shift in overall performance between 2017 and 2018 was due to the temporary swing in the investment market at the end of the fourth quarter, as well as the fact that Sutter Health recognized multiple years of revenue from the Hospital Fee Program1 in 2017. As an integrated network of care, Sutter Health is positioned to withstand changes such as these. This ability gives Sutter the opportunity to further expand community access to high-quality healthcare. Additionally, as a not-for-profit, Sutter continually reinvests in its communities. In 2018, Sutter Health invested $924 million in new facilities and lifesaving technology throughout Northern California—extending its total investment to nearly $10 billion during the last 10 years.

The construction of California Pacific Medical Center, which meets 2030 seismic regulations, is now complete in San Francisco. The second of two new and innovative hospitals, the CPMC Van Ness Campus located in the city center, opened on March 2. The CPMC Mission Bernal Campus, located at Valencia and Cesar Chavez, opened Aug. 25, 2018. Sutter Health also facilitated expanded access to clinics through construction projects in multiple communities, including Alameda, Contra Costa, Lake, Placer, Sacramento, San Mateo, Santa Clara and Sonoma counties.

Sutter Health continues to innovate safe, high-quality care delivery outside of hospital and clinic walls to meet community needs for flexibility and efficiency—all with an eye toward also helping reduce healthcare costs. Sutter’s support runs across the healthcare spectrum—from where people access their care to how they manage their care. Video visits and walk-in care centers helped create more options for patients to access primary care in 2018. More than 1 million appointments were scheduled online by patients last year, offering greater ease and convenience. Sutter Health also invested $54 million in research and development in 2018, supporting efforts addressing a range of health concerns including stroke, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, recovery after liver and kidney transplant, and diabetes.

“Patients and families count on us to deliver high-quality care, and we are committed to serving them and all those who call Northern California home,” said Sutter Health President and CEO Sarah Krevans. “Thanks to our integrated network, we continue to make care more accessible and more equitable. We focused efforts on better connecting patients to the right care service, at the right time and in the right place. We also maintained our commitment to care for the underserved. We’re proud to play a strong role in making our overall communities healthier.”

Care for the Underserved

Sutter Health’s total investment in community benefit in 2018 was $734 million, which is an increase from $612 million in 2017. This amount includes traditional charity care and unreimbursed costs of providing care to Medi-Cal patients, as well as investments in health education and public benefit programs such as community clinics and prenatal care for those with low income. Overall, since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, greater numbers of previously uninsured people now have healthcare coverage through the Medi-Cal program.

The payments for patients who are covered by Medi-Cal do not cover the full costs of providing care. In 2018, Sutter Health invested $435 million more than the state paid to care for Medi-Cal patients. Medi-Cal accounted for nearly 19 percent of Sutter Health’s gross patient service revenues in 2018.

See more about how Sutter Health reinvests into the community by visiting

Sutter Health – 2018 Financial Results, Continued

Sutter Health 2018 Financial Results

Dollars in millions



Operating Revenues



Operating Expenses



Income from Operations



Investment Income



Change in net unrealized gains and losses from investments classified as trading



Loss on extinguishment of debt



(Loss) Income



Less income attributable to noncontrolling interests



(Loss) Income attributable to Sutter Health



Capital Investment



1The Hospital Fee Program imposes a “quality assurance fee” on certain general acute care hospitals in California. Each of these hospital’s Hospital Fee Program’s proceeds are used to earn federal matching funds for Medi-Cal, and to increase Medi-Cal payments, helping offset the costs for expanding services to the most vulnerable population. Sutter Health’s shift in overall performance between Fiscal Years Ended December 31, 2017 and 2018 is, in part, due to Sutter Health’s recognition of multiple years of revenue from the Hospital Fee Program in Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2017. For Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2017, Sutter Health recognized $432 million from the Hospital Fee Program compared to $272 million for Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2018.

ADA compliant versions of the audit available upon request.

New Mom Magnetism: Parents Talk About What Attracted Them to the New CPMC Van Ness Campus

Posted on Mar 3, 2019 in Scroll Images

Baby Miles Hernandez takes a snooze in his bassinet alongside his mom, Katie Alpert, in their new room at CPMC Van Ness Campus Hospital.

Born a little more than three weeks early, baby Miles Hernandez made his debut on March 1. Weighing 5 lbs., 10 oz., and measuring 18 inches long, he’s already proven to be “a mover and a shaker”— not just due to his early arrival, but also as one of babies who moved today, March 3, from the CPMC California Campus hospital to the new CPMC Van Ness Campus hospital.

Mom Katie Alpert’s plan from the start was to deliver at the CPMC Van Ness Campus, but Miles had other ideas. Alpert said she’s always felt a close connection to her CPMC doctors, and to think that she would give birth in the new facility she watched rise from the ground up was exciting. While her maternity journey took a slight detour, she was grateful that it was a smooth ride.

“For us as patients, it was an easy move. We felt prepared all the way. No hiccups on our end, and Miles did it with flying colors,” she said.

As first-time parents, Alpert and her husband could have easily felt nervous, but she remarked that she was put at ease knowing her care teams thought of every detail. To numerous checks of the information on her patient wristband as well as Miles’, to the tent that covered them as they moved into the ambulance, shielding them from raindrops, or making sure she and baby were warm and comfortable during their transport.

“There’s a different level of respect and love for this facility and the whole community, and the care team from the beginning made sure we were taken care of,” Alpert said.

Expectant mom, Rachel Martin, can’t wait for a new beginning in her motherhood journey.

At nearly 37 weeks pregnant she, her husband, Ross and their 18-month-old son, Wolf, came to get familiar with the new Van Ness Campus.

Martin lives with her family in Marin, but says, “I can’t imagine delivering anywhere else. I knew it had to be here.”

Getting the tour of the new hospital gave Martin a sense of comfort, Martin remarked, “The delivery room and the room where you stay after you have the baby is gorgeous.”

Martin, who is expecting a baby girl, is still unsure of a name, but she said one thing is for certain. “It’s obvious that a lot of care and love went into this for your patients.”

New CPMC Van Ness Campus Hospital Feels like Home for Oncology Patient

Posted on Mar 2, 2019 in Scroll Images

Nurses hug patient Ryan Bray as he makes his way onto the medical-surgical unit at the new CPMC Van Ness Campus hospital.

SAN FRANCISCO – Leukemia patient Ryan Bray, 42, of Manteca, lived at Sutter CPMC’s Pacific Campus hospital for more than 150 days and considered it his second home. On Saturday, March 2, Bray was transferred to the new CPMC Van Ness Campus, and was ecstatic about his newer, roomier third home.

“To be able to come over and be the first patient and see this new hospital is quite an honor,” Bray said. “It is really a beautiful hospital. It’s really cool.”

Bray was the first of 110 adult patients moved Saturday from the Pacific Campus of CPMC. On Sunday, upwards of 100 patients – many of them preemies in the neonatal intensive care unit, children and new mothers with babies – will be moved from the CPMC California Campus. The new CPMC Van Ness Campus will merge the adult services with the women’s and children’s center in a modern, state-of-the-art, comprehensive medical campus, all under one roof.

Ryan Bray takes a selfie while settled into his new room at CPMC Van Ness Campus.

While Bray is very happy with his new digs, he is especially grateful that his new home doesn’t come with a new family. That “family” is Bray’s care team – the nurses, doctors, social workers, dietary staff, environmental services and other CPMC staff that moved with him to the new hospital. This family cheered him at 8 a.m. Saturday as he was wheeled out of his room at the Pacific campus and down the hallway to the elevators. He recounted how he knew how many steps he would get in every day walking those hallways and looked forward to figuring the number of steps at the new hospital.

With one of his nurses by his side, he then hitched a chauffered ride in an ambulance that took less than 10 minutes to the new CPMC Van Ness Campus. He was all smiles and gave a big thumbs up when he arrived, and then when he got to his new room on the ninth floor, other members of his hospital family were there to greet him and gave him a big group hug.

“It was a nice, smooth ride. It was a nice transition,” Bray said once he was settled in his room. “It felt really good.”

Sutter’s New CPMC Van Ness Campus Open House a Smashing Success

Posted on Feb 2, 2019 in Expanding Access, Scroll Images

SAN FRANCISCO – Sutter’s new CPMC Van Ness Campus hospital hosted a free community open house to nearly 3,000 people on Saturday, Feb. 2, offering our Bay Area neighbors a sneak peek of the new facility ahead of opening day on March 2.

Festivities kicked off with lion dancers from the Jing Mo Athletic Association, sharing wishes of good fortune. Free activities for families included a teddy bear ‘first aid’ clinic (hosted by CPMC’s Child Life experts), face painting and balloon animals; silent disco; silent yoga; chair massages; photo booths; live music; and healthy cooking demonstrations by Williams-Sonoma. Many visitors eagerly signed up for tours of the hospital, too.

The 11-story hospital includes 274 acute-care beds and houses myriad inpatient services – with an emphasis on maternity care, pediatrics, transplant, orthopedics, emergency and cardiac care. The hospital also uses first-in-the-nation seismic technology, which allows it to withstand a major earthquake. When fully complete, the campus will knit together Sutter hospital and emergency services, affiliated medical offices and specialty outpatient services.