Wildfires, Extreme Heat, Unhealthy Air During a Pandemic

Posted on Aug 20, 2020 in Pulmonary & Lung Health, Scroll Images

An Integrated Network Continues to Serve Northern California Communities

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –Wildfires fueled by high temperatures and winds are spreading across Northern California. Firefighters are battling to stop the blazes, which have forced thousands of people out of their homes. And to top it off, smoke from the fires is causing extremely unhealthy air quality in many areas, compounding respiratory issues concerns–especially for people with COVID-19.

Sutter’s round-the-clock emergency management system is monitoring the progress of the fires and the impact the heavy smoke is having on some of our care sites. Sutter has a long-standing commitment to the health and safety of the communities we serve, especially in times of natural disasters. During these unprecedented times, our integrated network is able to quickly move and redirect resources to those most in need. And despite the many challenges we’re all facing right now, Sutter hospitals and the vast majority of our clinics are open and stand ready to care for patients.

“I want to thank the thousands of firefighters and additional emergency personnel who are responding to these blazes and patients with medical conditions triggered by them—especially the physicians, nurses and staff across Sutter’s integrated network,” said Sarah Krevans, Sutter Health’s president and CEO. “Our teams have been on the front lines caring for patients since the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and now they are simultaneously helping support their communities during these fires.”

December 11, 2017 – Fire crews, using controlled burns, create a barrier in the foothills of Carpinteria, California, in the hopes of containing the Thomas fire in Southern California.

“We are deeply saddened by the devastation the firestorms are waging on our communities and we are committed to supporting wildfire victims and evacuees,” said William Isenberg, MD, Phd, Sutter Health’s chief quality and safety officer. “Sutter Health team members also live in these communities and we know many of their homes and families have been impacted by the fires, so we are activating employee resources like emergency financial assistance.”

Resources to Help You Access Care

Although some care sites may be experiencing temporary closures due to evacuation orders, air quality concerns or COVID-19, listed here, care team members at those care sites are available to determine which available options work best to help patient access care during the closures:

  • Video visits with a care provider
  • Obtaining in-person care at another Sutter facility
  • Rescheduling services once it is safe to do so

In partnership with clinicians and care sites across our network, Sutter’s Mental Health & Addiction Care team is also available to assist with your mental wellness. Even if you are not directly affected by the wildfires across Northern California, just hearing about them may trigger memories from a past event, leading to fear, anxiety or other strong emotions. If you or a loved one needs help, please contact your primary care physician or access the emergency resources found here.

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