Oakland Nurse Mobilizes Extraordinary Mask Donation Effort

Posted on Apr 10, 2020 in Integrated Network, Scroll Images

OAKLAND, Calif. –Minfen Ding, RN, doesn’t consider herself a hero, but in the last two weeks, the oncology unit nurse at the Summit Campus of Sutter’s Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland has facilitated donations of more than 13,000 surgical masks for the hospital.

Watching the Coronavirus pandemic unfold in Wuhan, China was the catalyst that motivated Ding to help start a PPE donation drive here in the Bay Area.

“Many clinicians in China were also contracting the virus because they didn’t have enough safety protocols in place or were not wearing appropriate PPE,” said Ding. “But once the health care workers in Wuhan started using more PPE, their infection rates went down.”

Once the virus started to spread in the Bay Area, she immediately went into action and appealed for donations to help ensure hospital workers would have enough protection while caring for their patients.

Ding reached out to several East Bay Chinese-American community groups as well as the Silicon Valley Chinese Association Foundation and the Chinese Alumni Association of Renmin University. She and friends also used WeChat, a Chinese messaging and social media application, to promote her cause.

The donation offers started coming in very quickly, and during the last two weeks more than 13,000 masks have been donated to Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.

“The real heroes are the individual donors and the large Chinese community who are raising money and making donations to hospitals all over the Bay Area,” says Ding. “Even the people living in China love us and are sending donations. I’m so happy that that so many people are getting behind us and supporting this worthy cause.”

“I am so overwhelmed by our community and their donations of love for our health care staff,” says Ding. “By working together as a whole community, we will definitely win this battle.”

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