Sutter Health Statement on Antitrust Litigation

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The largest health insurance companies in the nation openly and actively support this lawsuit, which irresponsibly targets Sutter Health’s integrated network.  Insurance companies want to maximize profits by pushing patients into insurance plans that limit their choices and result in surprise billing.  Sutter Health faces fierce competition, including the expansion of other health systems in the Bay Area and Sacramento Valley regions.

What really is at stake in this lawsuit is the ability of Sutter Health and other care providers, including Kaiser Permanente, to further the goals of the Affordable Care Act by providing access to patient-centered, high quality and efficient care.  Our integrated care delivery model enables Sutter Health to deliver the right kind of care to patients at the right time and place. Our integrated model also allows us to care for more Medi-Cal patients than any other system in our Northern California footprint. And our integrated model enables our system to invest in and spread new life-saving technologies across our network, including in poor and rural communities that may struggle to recruit physicians and keep care facilities open.

The bottom line is that this lawsuit is designed to skew the healthcare system to the advantage of large insurance companies so they can market inadequate insurance plans to Californians.  There is robust competition in Northern California, and Sutter Health looks forward to demonstrating in court why its integrated care model promotes competition and, most importantly, benefits patients and communities.

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