Cuddly Toys Ease Hospitalized Kids’ Stress

Posted on Jun 13, 2019 in Scroll Images

Sutter Delta Auxiliary Provides Comfort for Kids

ANTIOCH, CALIF. –Imagine being a kid at the hospital—waiting for an X-ray or to go into surgery. A visit to the hospital can be nerve-racking, even for adults. For kids, it can be daunting.

“Kids waiting for X-rays and procedures were very nervous and needed something to do with their hands,” says Joy Burge, a member of the Sutter Delta Medical Center Auxiliary.

Sutter Delta Medical Center Auxiliary Volunteers Allen Hansen, DD Rivera and Joy Burge show off the great toys for children waiting for surgery or a procedure at the hospital.

That’s when a brilliant idea struck, and recently the Auxiliary has partnered with the Women’s & Children’s Services department to provide age-appropriate toys for Sutter Delta’s youngest patients.

“We…ordered 24 teddy bears that are five to six inches long, dressed in hoodies that talk and laugh,” Burge says.

The Auxiliary also is ordering “squishy” toys—soft, “squishable” toys similar to the classic stress ball. Made of polyurethane foam, the toys allow kids—and adults—to squeeze away their stress over and over again, and the toy will still return to its original form.

“Every time people buy something at the Sutter Delta gift shop, buy tickets at one of our [Auxiliary] raffles, or get a treat at a bake sale, it goes straight back to the hospital departments,” Burge says. “Every little bit helps.”

For more information about Sutter Delta Medical Center’s Auxiliary, click here.

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