Taking the Human Hand to the Next Level

Posted on May 28, 2019 in Scroll Images

Robotic Hernia Repair Helps Patients Return to Their Lives Faster


OAKLAND, Calif. –Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, part of the Sutter Health not-for-profit network of care, was recently designated a Robotic Hernia Mentor/Case Observation site by Intuitive Surgical. Surgeons from around the country are now coming to Alta Bates Summit to learn advanced robotic surgical techniques.

Rockson Liu, M.D., a general surgeon on the Alta Bates Summit medical staff is one of only a few physicians on the West Coast performing extended totally extraperitoneal repair (eTEP), which allows him to stay outside of the abdominal cavity when performing robotic hernia repair.


Dr. Liu says the eTEP technique offers many patient benefits. “I focus on repairing complex incisional hernias with the daVinci robot using 8mm incisions,” he says. “This leads to decreased length of stay for the patient, less complications, less pain and less narcotic use.

Dr. Liu says that many new techniques just for incisional hernias have been developed in the last two to three years because surgeons around the world are performing robotic surgery and are collaborating and sharing their best practices online and on social media.

“The journey of how quickly we are advancing robotic hernia repair is incredible,” adds Dr. Liu. “Sutter Health has a vision for the future and Alta Bates Summit is the perfect place for us to teach other physicians to do this type of surgery better.”

“Becoming a case observation site is a great honor and confirms our high quality of medical excellence and the advancement of robotic surgery at Alta Bates Summit,” says Daniel Davis, Alta Bates Summit’s Robotics Program Manager. “We are very excited and extremely proud of our robotic staff and all our robotics trained physicians here at Alta Bates Summit for their commitment to world class patient care.”

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