New CPMC Mission Bernal Hospital Campus Gets Smart with Technology

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A Vocera device, shown here, instantly connects staff by voice or secure text.

SAN FRANCISCO — When the Sutter Health network’s new CPMC Mission Bernal Campus opens on Aug. 25, patients will not only have access top-notch quality health care, they will also be wowed by the advanced technologies the hospital has to offer.

The state-of-the-art hospital embraces everything we love best about smart technology—comfort, convenience and security—and integrates this technology into every floor of the new building. From Wi-Fi powered hand hygiene, to sophisticated infant security, to “micro-chipping” equipment so it never gets lost— the innovative technology aims to bring a higher quality, more satisfying experience for patients and providers.

Examples of the Mission Bernal hospital campus’ smart technologies include:

Asset Tracking:

  • Using a computer or mobile device with map-tracking software, CPMC care teams can quickly locate necessary equipment in a matter of seconds.

Hand Hygiene Monitoring:

  • New hand hygiene monitoring technology uses the hospital’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to automatically identify when staff hand sanitizing occurs—improving hand hygiene compliance across the hospital.

Infant Security:

  • Placed on a newborn’s ankle moments after birth, the HUGS system tracks the real-time location of a baby during their hospital stay—keeping young patients safe and secure while in the hospital.

Temperature Monitoring:

  • An advanced temperature monitoring solution provides CPMC care teams with 24/7 digital temperature monitoring of critical storage items such as blood, tissues, drugs and vaccines.

Interactive Room Technology:

  • Using an interactive patient platform, SONIFI technology allows patients to use their room TV to easily order meals, complete prescribed educational material specific to their health needs, relax to music and meditation or watch TV.

Quick Communication:

  • To improve communication and care team satisfaction, Vocera technology will connect people instantly by voice or secure text – without having to know the individual phone number.

Pneumatic Tube System:

  • An updated Pneumatic Tube System includes tunnels and channels that connect departments across the hospital, helping expedite transportation and delivery of medications, labs and blood in a safe and secure way.

Wayfinding Kiosks:

  • Wayfinding kiosks help patients and visitors easily navigate their way around the hospital. These interactive stations provide users with a campus map, hospital landmarks and departments, walking directions and public transportation schedules.

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