SeaWorld Brings Penguins, Alligators to Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It was a wild day at Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento as penguins walked down the hallways, an alligator sat on the playroom table and hedgehogs, a lemur and possums drew the attention of children, families and employees throughout the morning.

De’Andrae was fascinated with the penguin that SeaWorld brought to visit Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento on Wednesday.

SeaWorld brought its animal ambassadors to the pediatric unit of the hospital on Wednesday while on a stopover to the state capitol.

As part of SeaWorld’s commitment to education and wildlife conservation, the park visited Sacramento with some special animal friends. SeaWorld is dedicated to improving the lives of marine animals and protecting the health of our blue planet. Meeting animals up close provides the connection that makes people care more about wild species and wild places.

“We are thrilled that SeaWorld visited us today,” said Amy Medovoy, child life coordinator, Sutter Children’s Center, Sacramento. “It’s pretty exciting for everyone to have the opportunity to visit with these animals and get so much closer to the than you typically can at the zoo.”

The visit was uplifting for everyone – from toddlers to hospital staff.

“We love to come to the children’s hospitals when we are in town because we love the smiles that the animals put on everyone’s faces,” said Jennifer Miller, aviculture supervisor, SeaWorld.

Children of all ages enjoyed the alligator from SeaWorld.

The Children’s Center playroom was filled with children, their families and staff who snapped photos and took selfies with the alligator and adorable Magellanic penguins, Charlie and Bruce. Meanwhile, visitors were also fascinated with the lemur’s soft hands, the feisty nature of the hedgehog and the squirrely possum.

“Visits like this really help to make the hospital fun and exciting,” said Amy. “Anytime you see a penguin walking down the hallway, it’s uplifting for everyone.”

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