Memorial Medical Center Opens New Biplane Surgical Suite

Posted on Mar 29, 2018 in Expanding Access

MODESTO, Calif. – Memorial Medical Center (MMC), part of Sutter Health, recently opened their new biplane neurological suite, allowing neurosurgeons to use advanced equipment and techniques to benefit local Sutter Health patients.

The biplane suite, which includes the use of two rotating cameras to create detailed 3D views of the blood vessels in and leading to the brain, is designed to help neurosurgeons better treat patients with stroke-causing blood clots. The physicians are able to quickly receive more detailed information, helping  lead to a faster recovery for the patient.

“The technology offers a minimally invasive method to locate the clots in the brain and to use imaging to help guide surgeons as they remove the clots,” said Sergio Camarillo, director of patient care services at MMC.

Amrith Jamoona, M.D., a Sutter Gould Medical Foundation neurosurgeon, is the first trained to use the biplane technology at Memorial.

When dealing with stroke, time is of the essence. Locating and removing blood clots as quickly as possible improves the outcomes for patients. By offering this service locally at MMC, the time-delay caused by sending patients out of area for this procedure is removed. In addition, families and caregivers are not saddled with the added burden of traveling out of the area to provide emotional and physical support.

The suite, funded in part by generous donations from local donors to Memorial Hospital Foundation, marks yet another move MMC has made to provide new, specialized medical services locally in Modesto. MMC has introduced cardiac procedures including transcatheter aortic valve replacements (TAVR) and leadless pacemakers anchored directly in the heart muscle. MMC has also installed equipment to vastly improve radiation oncology and cancer services.

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