Memorial Hospital Los Banos Welcomes New Technology to Birthing Center

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LOS BANOS — Memorial Hospital Los Banos delivered new technology to its Family Birth Center and everyone from mothers to hospital staff are excited about its arrival.

A local family uses the Monica Novii monitors while awaiting the birth of their baby at Memorial Hospital Los Banos.

Thanks to philanthropic funds generated from the community at MHLB’s annual 2016 gala, the Family Birth Center purchased two Monica Novii wireless fetal monitors. Family Birth Center Manager Misty Mendonca, R.N., was thrilled to finally cross these two items off her wish list.

“There are so many benefits to these monitors – the biggest is that they promote freedom for our laboring mothers,” she said.

Most laboring mothers prefer to walk the hallways of the labor and delivery department while waiting for their little one to arrive. That’s not possible when you are in a bed hooked up to a fetal monitor.

“We want mothers to have choices – to be able to do what’s most comfortable for them while they are in labor,” said Mendonca.

Mendonca added that while the fetal monitors are not completely waterproof, a laboring mother can stand in a soothing shower with water on her back. Patients can also use labor balls in her room and it does not interfere with the monitor’s readings.

The monitors have helped the hospital reduce its overall C-section rate by five percent.

“This wireless fetal monitoring assists in facilitating the labor process which means helping the baby get into the correct position for birth,” explained Mendonca.

These monitors are approved to be used on high-risk mothers with a high-BMI.

“Our staff was also very pleased to get these monitors into the unit,” said Mendonca.

A patient who delivered last month walked the hallways in the labor and delivery unit for three days with the monitor on.

“She really wanted to have a vaginal birth so we put the monitor on her and had her walk around the unit,” said Mendonca. “She was very happy the whole time.”

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