Sutter Davis Hospital Partners with Milk Bank for First Breast Milk Drive

Posted on Dec 12, 2017 in We're Awesome, Wellness

DAVIS — Breastfeeding mothers walked into Sutter Davis Hospital carrying coolers full of breastmilk. It was their way of giving back, they said, during the holidays.

Pauline Sakamoto, executive director, San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank, collects breast milk donations from a mother during Thursday’s breast milk drive at Sutter Davis Hospital.

Sutter Davis Hospital and the non-profit San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank (MMB SJ) hosted a successful first mothers’ milk drive for the community to save infants who need human milk. Mothers and families brought their frozen human milk to the milk drive last Thursday.

Four donors donated more than 400 ounces of breast milk at the drive.

Donating Mothers’ Milk is as important as donating blood for fragile infants, and both Sutter Davis Hospital and MMB SJ believe this milk drive is an opportunity for the community to understand more deeply how their donated milk is a moment for civic pride.

“We are thrilled to partner with San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank on this breast milk drive and hope that we can make this a regular event for our community,” said Carolyn Campos, manager, Family Birth Center, Sutter Davis Hospital. “We want every baby to have access to mothers’ milk. We believe it is a human right for infants and children to have the best care possible, and we know that human milk, when collected and pasteurized by non-profit milk banks to hospital grade levels, is the future of neonatal and post-partum care.”

The American Association of Pediatricians has found that donor milk represents a safe and effective approach to obtaining, pasteurizing, and dispensing human milk for use in NICUs and other settings.

Milk Drives, like Thursday’s event at Sutter Davis Hospital, are intended to increase awareness of the power of human milk, the need for increased human milk donation to non-profit milk banks and the engagement of the community to make milk donation and breastfeeding a priority for its children. In essence, both organizations recognize breastfeeding/breast milk as an aspect of social justice to empower women of color and their children – a population hardest hit with low birth-rate and death in the United States.

“We are proud to bring our first annual campaign, ‘The Medicine is In You’ Milk Drives to support and celebrate the women and families of Davis,” said Pauline Sakamoto, Executive Director of The Mothers’ Milk Bank. “With the ‘Baby Friendly’ statewide initiative, formula will be replaced whenever possible with human milk though breast feeding or donated milk. We believe these drives ready us for the future and normalize the volunteerism of milk donation. For 44 years, we have proudly been providing pasteurized donated mothers’ milk to hospitals and families and we are committed to increasing our work to ensure that all babies can receive mothers’ milk.”

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