Sutter Health Invites Public to Join Unique Beginning-of-Life Conversation

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Today, Sutter Health announced its involvement with a unique online forum for the public to share ideas on how to further enhance care at the beginning of life.

OpenIDEO, an open innovation platform, Sutter Health, a not-for-profit health system, and UCB, a global biopharmaceutical company, invites the community to join the conversation by visiting the challenge on OpenIDEO and answering the question “How might we reimagine the new life experience by addressing the diverse challenges of all mothers, babies, and those who care for them?”

The platform offers a place to share thoughts, collectively improve concepts, receive feedback and potentially launch a fresh idea that supports the diverse challenges of all mothers, babies, and those who care for them. The goal is to reinvent the way we think about and solve for maternal health by building innovative solutions that support access to fair and quality healthcare for all mothers and babies, especially those disadvantaged due to livelihood, socioeconomic status or chronic disease. Worldwide, 4.3 babies are born every second. And every year, 10 million women and adolescent girls experience complications or poor care during pregnancy and motherhood, many of which leave them and their children at risk.

“New life inspires wonder and a feeling that anything is possible,” said Chris Waugh, Sutter Health’s chief innovation officer. “We want to harness that energy to spark ideas which will support new, future or expecting mothers—regardless of their whereabouts or their circumstances. Creative thinking can unlock the potential for our communities to achieve their best health.”

About the process

The project is a three- to five- month process that contains six phases:

  1. Inspiration: Invite public to share stories, interviews and tools on the topic
  2. Ideas: Participants share new or existing ideas and refine them based on learnings from the research phase
  3. Refinement: A shortlist of ideas are tested and prototyped, and refined with feedback from a global community
  4. Feedback: Participants share comments and insights on the shortlisted ideas.
  5. Top Ideas: A set of top ideas emerge based on potential for impact, level of engagement and relevance to the topic and evaluation criteria
  6. Impact: Share learnings, find collaborators and share updates.

Sutter Health embraces feedback from patients and families through many traditional channels, including patient satisfaction surveys and patient advisory councils. This new platform further opens the discussion, allowing those with different personal experiences to share their perspectives in an ongoing, super-charged brainstorming session. The healthcare network previously partnered with OpenIDEO for their end-of-life challenge in 2016.

Those who are interested in participating in the challenge, may visit the OpenIDEO platform and submit an idea or story by Sept. 24, 2017.


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