Sutter Health, Validic Lead Pilot Demonstration to Capture, Share and Use Patient-Generated Health Data

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Not-for-profit Sutter Health, recognized as an innovator in digital patient engagement, and Validic have begun a pilot demonstration to determine how patient-generated health data can best be delivered to care teams and researchers to improve the care and outcomes. The results of this work will inform federal government policy and help determine how the healthcare industry implements remotely-collected patient health data across the nation.

In health care today, many mobile applications, wearables and clinical in-home devices can collect patient data remotely. These devices help patients live with and manage chronic diseases. However, what is missing is a single, secure pipeline to deliver protected health data into the electronic health record or clinical dashboard so care teams can use the remote information effectively.

“We’re excited that Sutter Health is playing a leading role in a project that we expect to have a profound impact in how care teams use patient-generated health data. Creating a secure, effective pipeline for this data to the electronic health record establishes a connection between patients and clinicians like never before,” said Albert Chan, M.D., vice president and chief of digital patient experience.

The joint pilot began targeting Sutter Health patients with Type II diabetes in September. Participating patients receive Sutter’s Mpower (Motivating Patients Online with Enhanced Resources) app on their smartphone. Using Validic’s digital health platform for data connectivity, the Mpower app has the capability to securely connect to various devices that measure blood glucose, blood pressure, level of activity and weight—important metrics in caring for patients with diabetes. The system then interprets the information and provides visual feedback and motivational incentives to keep patients on track with their care program, while also alerting care teams when attention is required.

The federal Office of the National Coordinator (ONC), a division of the Department of Health and Human Services, contracted with Accenture Federal Services, which selected Sutter Health and Validic to guide the pilot demonstration. Results from the study will help ONC to develop a research paper that identifies barriers to wider use of patient-generated data in clinical care and recommend how these barriers can be removed.

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