Technology Overload and Your Brain

Posted on Feb 21, 2013 in Wellness

Image of smartphoneAccording to an article in The New York Times (Attached to Technology and Paying a Price), many people today feel like they’re becoming more forgetful and distracted, and losing touch with family members living under the same roof. Could technology overload be to blame?

At home, it’s common for “relaxing” to include simultaneous television viewing, online shopping, Facebook scanning and texting. In fact, many people are starting to wonder: How much is too much when it comes to technology and our electronic devices?

 Dr. Edie Zusman, a neurosurgeon with Eden Medical Center wrote an article for the Journal of Neurosurgery about the impact of technology overload on physicians. In a recent blog, she details the impact multi-tasking has on your brain and answers:

  • Are there disadvantages to using multiple technology gadgets at the same time?
  • Are younger people better at this, since they grew up using their brains in this manner?
  • What about older people? Is this “technology overload” more difficult for the older brain to process?

Click here to read Dr. Zusman’s Blog on Sutter Health’s MyLifeStages.

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