Eden Medical Center Acquires New Technology for Complex Brain and Spine Surgery

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Surgeons Will Soon Use Advanced Imaging to Better See Brain Structures and Nerve Pathways

Deep-seated brain tumors and blood clots have often been beyond the reach of neurosurgeons because the act of surgery risks damaging brain fibers that control body functions like speech, movement and learning. Now, using a new technology called BrightMatterTM, surgeons can map a patient’s brain in 3-D to see where nerve pathways are and plan the best surgical approach around them.

Eden Medical Center is the first hospital in Northern California to employ the system, adding to the already exceptional reputation of Eden’s Neuroscience Center.

Better Planning

The neural pathways in your brain control activities of daily living; allowing you to see, move muscles and speak. While everyone has these pathways, they are laid out differently in each individual.

For this reason, neuroradiologists have had to spend six to ten hours creating a map of brain fibers near the surgical site. The BrightMatter software performs this process in minutes and does it for the entire brain.
“This technology gives me more options to reach a lesion or clot without damaging a neural pathway in the process” said Lawrence Dickinson, M.D., Neurosurgeon, Eden Medical Center.

Better Surgery

The technology also offers an unprecedented view of a patient’s brain or spinal cord in real time, allowing for a shorter surgery and smaller incisions that heal more quickly. The high-powered magnification system can show a patient’s anatomy – magnified 48 times more than what the human eye can see – during surgery.

Better Outcomes

This technology will improve outcomes for patients with brain tumors, stroke, head and spine trauma, as well as patients with chronic neck and back pain. This advancement may also offer surgery as an option for patients with conditions previously deemed to be inoperable – bringing new hope for meaningful treatment.

“This technology will revolutionize the way we manage neurological patients,” said Dickinson. “Patients can now have surgery with much less risk of disturbing the important pathways of the brain, and surgeons and reach places they couldn’t before. This advancement may also allow for smaller incisions and shorter patient recovery time.”

Eden Medical Center thanks the donors to Better Health East Bay, a Sutter Health philanthropic foundation, for provided the funding to bring the BrightMatter technology to Northern California.

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