New Year, New You?

Posted on Mar 26, 2013 in Wellness

Remember those promises you made after New Year’s to eat more vegetables, put the soda can down and jog around that picturesque park? If those goals seem like broken promises then you may need a New Year’s resolution reality check.

It’s important to remember: Don’t beat yourself up. It’s only natural to slip back into old habits.  If you’re looking for a fresh start, become a member of Sutter Health’s MyLifeStages and take a free Health Risk Assessment to discover ways to improve your health and stick to your wellness goals.

Created by Sutter Health doctors, the MyLifeStages health risk assessment is designed to give you a personalized action plan for healthier living and it may just get you back on track. This tool will:

  • Identify your potential health risks
  • Recommend screening tests
  • Help you track your progress
  • Allow you to schedule automatic email reminders to yourself
  • Connect you with resources in your area

For additional healthy lifestyle tips and tricks, visit Sutter Health’s MyLifeStages where you’ll get the tools you need to make a new habit stick and get healthier in 2013. Or, start by tackling a wellness goal a day by following our “7 Days to a Healthier You” plan.

A step back doesn’t mean you have to give up! With your determination and our tips, you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier, new you.

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